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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How old must children be in order to participate?


Children of kindergarten age or above can participate. Children as young as 3 years can participate with the help of a parent.

Q2 How long does the session take?


The basic session takes 15 to 20 minutes for 5 people.

Q3 What is the maximum group size?


The basic session B set can accommodate 70 people in 1 hour.
For groups larger than this, we will modify or replace items in the menu.
(The time for groups is limited. Please use the restroom before arriving at our facility so that you may start the session soon after arriving.)

Q4 Are other sessions available besides the basic session?


Normally, visitors can enjoy participating in the basic session, mini parfait session, and tart session.
The mini parfait and tart sessions can accommodate up to 20 visitors. For groups larger than this, please contact us.
On weekdays, individual visitors can also participate in special sessions(excluding spring vacation and summer vacation periods).→Experience making replicas

Q5 What should I wear?


Aprons are available for visitors to borrow.
The session includes activities in which visitors will put their hands in hot water, so please wear clothing with sleeves that can be rolled up.
In addition, please put away valuable items, such as watches and bracelets, in your bag beforehand.

Q6 Is there a cancellation fee?


There is no cancellation fee. However, in consideration of other visitors, please notify us as early as possible if you are no longer able to attend.

Q7 Can persons with disabilities participate?


Our staff provides support for persons with disabilities so that they can enjoy participating too.
For groups in wheelchairs, the basic session B set takes 1 hour for 20 people (40 people including caregivers).
Please contact us for details.

Q8 Can we make reservations for sessions at Ryukyo no Sato here?


Yes. Although visitors are generally allowed to participate in sessions without a reservation, there are times when the shop may be occupied by a group reservation. We recommend contacting us and making a reservation beforehand.

Q9 Is parking available?


Free parking is available. If the parking lot in front of the shop is occupied by buses, a 2nd and 3rd parking lot are also available for your use.

Q10 How long does it take to reach your shop from the Gujo Hachiman IC?


It takes 3 minutes (→ Directions). Some car navigation systems may lead you to a spot behind our shop.
Please note that the front entrance to our shop is on Seseragi Kaido.

Q11 Are there any places to eat or rest nearby?


Sample Village Iwasaki Main Shop is a little far away from the urban area of the city, so options are limited. However, the Ryukyo Shop is centrally located. Please ask the staff for details on places to eat or rest. Please check the Gujo Hachiman tourism website for details.

Q12 Do you accept credit cards?


Yes, we accept credit cards.

Q13 Do you accept gift cards and gift vouchers?


We do not accept these. However, we do accept catalog gift tickets that are published by our own shop.

Q14 Do you have an online store?


Currently we do not have an online store. Please e-mail us directly if you have questions about our products.

Privacy Policy

Iwasaki Mokei Seizo Co., Ltd. recognizes that the protection of personal information is important for operating our services as part of our business, and considers the protection of personal information to be part of our social responsibility and obligation.
Therefore, we have enacted the following personal information protection policy, have notified all of our employees of this policy and instructed them to thoroughly follow this policy, and execute this policy with certainty.

→ Personal Information Protection Policy (Japanese)

Registration for replica creation is now open Reservations are required for creating replicas.
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